House Nezamin


Heraldry: Multiple scales held by two of the House’s animal of an Eagle with a star in the centre representing the drive to greatness.
Motto: Go forth, and triumph.

Though not of noble blood or lineage, House Nezamin is filled with cunning and able members that work together to continue to enrich and strengthen their kin for the greater good of the House’s future. Among the Nezamin there are only two ways to gain resolve, either through solid and shrewd business acumen or superb martial prowess. These standards have caused many members of the House to gain great wealth and esteem for their efforts and the tradition continues to this day. While indeed the wealth and affluence of the Nezamin increased through the generations, there was always a lack of nobility and respect. This is largely what prompted Barados Nezamin to officially request Aranaya Danbeyras’ hand in marriage for one of his two eldest sons once the merchant patriarch discovered that they had fallen for the fair maiden. This union infused a fresh change into the House, wherein many began to look on them with a new perspective when the great and renowned House Danbeyras chose to join with them, even on this limited basis. For over a decade, this joining led to great profit for both Houses, both material and immaterial, but it was not meant to last.

When Aranaya died of her terrible illness a souring seemed to fall over the alliance, though it did not truly break, and even then only in secret, until Cristof died pathetically to a single wolf while hunting. Though Barados and the now Danbeyras patriarch Nojh agreed to keep up appearances, the alliance was all but dead. These appearances still caused the most recent generation of Danbeyras’ and Nezamin’s to look at each other as cousins. Another effect of the alliance, though minor, opened up another field of accomplishment for the Nezamin, that of the intrigues of the court. This new arena is largely dominated by the eldest daughter of the union, Anika Nezamin, who carries herself with all of the grace of her mother and the confidence of her father. She was taught how to use both qualities to the fullest by her marital aunt, Alaya Danbeyras, who had adopted Anika upon the death of the young woman’s parents. Following in the old traditions of their family, the cousins Jairhen and Arabella take up their favoured arms and stand ready to prove themselves worthy in these unstable times.

The Family Tree of Houses Nezamin and Danbeyras

House Nezamin

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