House Danbeyras


Heraldry: A crown sitting upon a great shield, with many wings.
Words: Loyalty, Strength and Speed

House Danbeyras is an old house dating back to the Andal invasion and have for a long time been sworn to the Afallons. Among the first houses in the Tumblestone valley to be swayed by Afallon charm and generosity, the Danbeyras has been loyal to the Afallons for generations since then.

While House Afallon recovered from their depressions in influence, power, and wealth, the Danbeyras family has slowly dwindled with little hope of recovery. Though House Afallon has aided Danbeyras time and time again through hard times due to their loyalty and skill, House Danbeyras has simply dwindled far too much. With the current heir’s disinterest in stewardship, the house was left with the crippled and unwed Nojh Danbeyras, the great-uncle of the rightful heir Meyon Danbeyras.

Mycroft Afallon, upon inheriting the Afallon seat, stepped in to help pay House Danbeyras’ debts and aided in managing House Danbeyras and its holdings. Within a few years, the house had become profitable once again, but it was clear to Nojh and the small folk that House Afallon was in control. Lord Nojh, knowing the weak Danbeyras line would most likely end with this generation, handed the Danbeyras lands to House Afallon for the best interest of its people.

Currently the Danbeyras only have a score of men at arms as a household guard for their manse which used to be the seat of the Danbeyras. Nojh and Meyon both serve Lord Mycroft at Monmouth, with Lady Alaya Danbeyras remaining at the manse.

House Danbeyras Family Tree Along With Nezamin Connection

House Danbeyras

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