House Afallon Appendix

House Afallon

The Afallons of Monmouth are bannermen of Casterly Rock.

The sigil of House Afallon shows a silver sword with wings. Their words are Soaring Steel.

MYCROFT AFALLON, Lord of Monmouth

  • his late wife {LADY SYBBYL}, of House SERYTHER
  • their children:
  • HADRIAN, eldest son and lord apparent
  • {EMLIN}, died to sickness in her youth
  • ADRYAN, a ward to House Seryther
  • his adopted daughter, AELYN MALLARAWAN, mysterious beauty from Essos
  • his brothers:
  • SER RICKARD, abandoned his nobility and knighthood for a simple life
  • his wife, MARYA, of House Umber
  • his daughter, KAYLEIN
  • his son, WYLTER
  • SER ARTHUR, his youngest brother, a free spirit
  • his household:
  • NOJH DANBERYAS, counselor, given all lands to House Afallon, scion of House Danberyas
  • SEPTA LOREEN, Lord Mycroft’s aunt, tutor, keeper of the castle sept and library
  • SAM STEELE, kinsmen of Afallon’s, smith and armourer
    *RYIA, his daughter, master smith and most fairest of all of Monmouth
  • ULRIC, master-at-arms, known as Ulric the Black
  • his squire, ISSAC SERYTHER, ward to Mycroft
  • his chief knights
  • SER CREEGAN LAYNE, Captain of Mycroft’s cavalry and garrison
  • SER MEYON DANBERYAS, personal guard to Mycroft, somewhat crazy
  • SER BRYCE, Sam Steele’s only son

House Afallon Appendix

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