House Afallon


Founding and establishment 0AL ~ 200AL

Recent records indicate the founding of House Afallon after the War of Conquest approximately 300 years ago. An ancestor of the house followed the Targaryens during their exodus from Valyeria.

The Afallons served House Targaryen as the primary source of armament during the War of Conquest 300 years ago. Upon the conclusion of the War of Conquest, the Afallon ancestor forged the Iron Throne and earned a lordship for the act of creating the throne itself as well as years of service during the war.

After the unification of the 6 kingdoms, House Afallon was given land and estates along the Tumblestone river from a house extinguished in the field of fire when King Loren attempted to repel Aegon the Conquerer.

The previous owners of the land were believed to be a cadet branch of House Lannister. A majority of the Western Tumblestone valley and its various houses were sworn to the extinguished house. However, upon the succession of House Afallon, the lords in the surrounding areas became independent, owing no loyalty to a new house installed by the invading Targaryens.

The Afallons settled into the holdings of the extinguished house, Monmouth and the Monmouth keep upon a hill overlooking much of the lands. Not being in proximity of the surrounding mountains, the land does not hold any raw materials for the Afallons to work into metals.

The Afallons at the time were not about money or power, but were instead focused on the passion of creating fine steel. The Afallons did not become wealthy as they practically gave away their metalwork. The joy of seeing others using their creation was a merit by iteslf it was said. In a few generations, the Afallons earned the love and trust of most of the houses along the Tumblestone river.

House Afallon

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