House Tullison

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Heraldry:Red Mountains on a blue field
Words: Stone Endures

Interactions with House Afallon
House Tullison has established firm trading relations with House Afallon since Lord Mycroft became the head of the house. The Tullisons have a rich iron mine with high quality ore.

Lord Mycroft visits them on a yearly basis to re-affirm ties and negotiates trade. Any characters in the service of House Afallon may have accompanied Mycroft to Mountain’s Reach over the years.


House Tullison is a young house formed around 145AL.

According to the Tullisons, the founder of the house was a man named Joston Rivers, a bastard of the Lord of Riverrun. He was sent off to be fostered and returned as a knight.

Joston heroically defended a peasant town against bandits and mountain clans over time, and eventually rose to Lordship. Legitimized, he took on the surname Tullison in honor of his Tully blood.

Tullison holdings are at the border of Lannister and Tully lands, on the north side of the Tumblestone.

Lady Moraine Tullison
-Mother of Dustan
Lord Dustan Tullison
-Easy to smile, friendly.
Lady Yve Tullison
-Sister of Dustan
Ren Alyard
-Master Smith trained by Altamont

House Tullison

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