Tag: Knight


  • Bryce Steele

    Bryce Steele had always wanted to become a knight, as with all boys living in Westeros. By the time he was 8, he had been sent off to Highgarden to become squire. It has been known that he served and trained under Randyll Tarly for a few years, before his …

  • Rickard Afallon

    Rickard is the younger brother to Mycroft. He fought in Robert's rebellion and has a scar over his left eye from the his trails in the bay of seals. He is married to an Umber and currently runs the Afallon store in King's Landing.

    Meyon Danbeyras

    Born of nobility in House Afallon, Meyon lost his father at a young age and felt that he was unable to properly conduct his family affairs until he had proven himself. Leaving the stewardship of such matters to his mother and great-uncle, he decided to …

  • Creegan Layne

    Ser Creegan Layne was the sole owner of the stables in Danbeyras' lands. Born second into the house of a landed knight of Danbeyras, Creegan was raised educated and refined. Knighted at a young age, Creegan has served house Danbeyras loyally. Creegan …