Soaring Steel

Fear Cuts Deeper than Swords

The Mystery of the Dead Stable Boy in Monmouth

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1. Dead Stableboy Investigation

#Body found around noon after lord Tywin’s departure in the morning
#Believed to be killed at night or around dawn
#Primary cause of death believed to be opening of the throat
#Estimated to be approximately eight and ten
#Did not have calloused hands common to small folk of his age
#According to the master of horse, his name was Pyter, and does not have family.
#No one in the keep knew of this boy before his employ at the stable
#Further investigation revealed an unidentified foreign poison
#Lilith Summers successfully identified the poison to be Basilisk blood

2. Night down in the Tavern

#A portion of the household travels down to the Winged Sword tavern to further investigate the identity of the stable boy
#Sam Steele quarrels with his arch rival Dennis when they arrive at the Tavern
#No one in the tavern knows of the stable boy Pyter
#Sam Steele requests that Ryia Steel accompany one of the parties visiting the Dulvers or Tullisons. Sam wishes to find a suitable mate for Ryia.

3. Trade negotiations

#Lilith summers offered to trade a shipment of Essos ore when the ship is scheduled to dock at Lannisport
#Lord Harald Dulver refused to give audience to Lord Mycroft, as he sees nothing of value
#House Afallon has offered Lilith’s exotic luxury goods up for trade, and Lord Harald accepts.



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