A Vlayrian steel bastard sword

weapon (melee)

Intensionally Unbalanced
Each time Betrayal succeeds in a combat check, reset the Momentum counter.
Betrayal may be used on horseback without negative effects.

Momentum (Lesser Action)
The user generates momentum with the sword in preparation for battle.
+1B for each Momentum action taken (Up to 2B)

Momentum may also be generated with the run action both mounted and on foot.
+1B for every 3 yards traveled using sprint wielding Betrayal (Up to 2B)


The Valyrian steel bastard sword Betrayal. The blade is worn and slightly notched as if the Valyrian steel were ordinary metal.

A curious sword which came into the possession of the house during the war of conquest. The sword bears a mark with an uncanny similarity to the wings used by the modern house Afallon to mark its creations. The origins of the sword’s dark name, or if it was even the original name is unknown.

Over the last century or so, there have been attempts to study the blade and determine its origins without success. The most supported theory was that Betrayal went up against a Valyrian steel of a higher quality frequently, causing it to become worn. But the age and rumors of the blade’s journeys in the far North and East may prove otherwise.

Betrayal is an unbalanced, tip heavy sword, meant to increase the momentum and power of a sword arc. The sword is also ideal for mounted combat with its length and balance similar to a spear. Though the blade is worn, the Valyrian steel is still sharp and deadly beyond any castle forged steel.

Most scholars have given up trying to explain Betrayal’s origins, and what may have caused the wear to the Valyrian Steel, though on occasion some scholar or smith will take interest in the blade from time to time. One thing the scholars and smiths have all agreed on is the approximate age of the sword, believed to have been one of the first Valyrian steel swords to be forged nearly 5000 years ago.

Betrayal has been awarded as a badge of office to the Master at arms of house Afallon for generations. Uric the black currently holds Betrayal.

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