• Break down currency into coppers, silvers, and gold that your characters will carry. It is not wise to travel with large sums of money, nor have a large sum of a low value currency which would hinder travel and make your wealth obvious.
  • The weight of currency will be under the GM’s discretion.
    Equipment & Items
  • Be sure to specify equipment before departing Monmouth. This includes food, clothing for court, and other miscellaneous items. Determine if any personal items need to be stored in the carriage or wagon.
  • The weight you can carry will be based on Athletics > Strength. The same scheme applies to mounts. Bare in mind that the horse is also carrying you.
    Informational Sections
  • The Monmouth report, an OOC summary of the IC workings and events occurring at Monmouth. As events are resolved and new ones arise, the older records will be archived on a Wiki page.
  • The Winged Sword represents a local tavern at Monmouth and the rumors circulating within.

Family Stats

Defence Influence Land Law Population Power Wealth
27 39 27 20↑ 23↑ 28↓ 48↓

Statistics Summary

Defense: 27
Defensible, with Monmouth estates fortified. Roads and trails are present, a small fishing port resides by the Tumblestone river
Influence: 39
A minor house on par with House Clegane, House Payne, and House Karstark
Lands: 27
A modest stretch of land along the Tumblestone river, bordering with the riverlands.
Law: 20↑
Lawlessness and banditry is a problem along the fringes of Afallon lands. Monmouth is however well protected and safe with a sizable garrison.
+ With the skirmish at Homehearth, banditry is still an issue, but Afallon lands are close to catching up to the rest of Westeros in terms of law and order.
Population: 23↑
Typical population. Most smallfolk live on farmsteads or in hamlets, but there are a few small towns and a community surrounding Monmouth.
+ With increased law, there has been a slight increase in population.
Power: 28↓‎
A modest force of soldiers. Despite Afallon’s small army, Mycroft holds a barracks south west of Monmouth with a trained infantry division, and a elite cavalry patrolling lands close to Monmouth.
- The recent skirmishes with the bandits to prepare for Tywin’s arrival resulted in the loss of a few good men.
Wealth: 48↓‎
Affluent. The Afallons have more funds than it needs and lives in comfort.
- Mycroft has spared no expense hosting Tywin, resulting in a large expenditure.
- Funding supplies for the traveling Parties.
- Hiring extra hands for rushed production of goods for trade.
- The mobilization of the calvary for Tywin’s escort.
- Provisions for the calvary & party for journey to Deepen Hall.
- The replacement Rounseys for the calvary.

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Click here for the family tree of house Afallon:

Family Tree

The Monmouth Report

Dead Stable Boy
A stable boy of about eight and ten was found dead in the morning. No one from Monmouth recognized him. The circumstance of his death is still a mystery, but the maester believes it to be a poison.

Visitor – Lilith Summers
A strange visitor claiming to have come from Essos

The Winged Sword

“Have you seen the heads on the pikes?”
“Maybe the fringe folk will see some peace soon”

“Lord Mycroft fell from his horse”
“Lord Tywin’s arrival caused Mycroft’s illness”
“Tis an ill omen indeed, the lion’s plague”
“No, it was Tywin himself who poisoned Mycroft!”
“Its that witch daughter of his, who else?”

“There’s a Targaryen here at Monmouth, I swear it true”

“The Steeles are hiring hands for some rushed work”

“The Mountain clans are becoming bold”
“I heard the stone men? Was it that? My cousin on the fringes have seen some of them around the farmlands, on Afallon land!”
“The nerve of those savages, we should build a giant wall like the one they have in the North.”

“The Lannister men were friendlier than I thought.”
“Here’s to Lannister coin!”

“So that knight isn’t guilty?”
“He’s Sam Steele’s boy, he could get away with slaying anyone short of Mycroft himself. There was no justice there.”
“I heard he single handedly killed a score of bandits, and in his blood rage he murder the entire farmstead.”
“I heard they didn’t pay for his services, so he killed his daughter and horse.”
“Don’t let Sam Steele hear you say that!”

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Soaring Steel

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