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  • House Afallon Appendix

    House Afallon The Afallons of Monmouth are bannermen of Casterly Rock. The sigil of House Afallon shows a silver sword with wings. Their words are Soaring Steel. MYCROFT AFALLON, Lord of Monmouth * his late wife {LADY SYBBYL}, of House …

  • Loreen Afallon

    Haven taken to the faith of the seven at a young age, she had left Monmouth to become a Septa. She later returned to become the Septa of Monmouth.

  • Rickard Afallon

    Rickard is the younger brother to Mycroft. He fought in Robert's rebellion and has a scar over his left eye from the his trails in the bay of seals. He is married to an Umber and currently runs the Afallon store in King's Landing.

    Mycroft Afallon

    The once sickly boy, had become lord of the House famed for their secrets of forging iron and steel into works of art. Marrying a childhood friend Sybbyl Seryther at a very young age, Mycroft had begun to grow out of his illness and take larger duties …

  • Hadrian Afallon

    Hadrian is the firstborn son of Mycroft Afallon. Though he has the wits of his father, he does not enjoy intrigue and politics as his father does. Rather, he has taken on the traditional Afallon tradition of smithing under his uncle Sam Steele. What …