weapon (melee)

Commissioned by the Targaryen family during the exodus of Valyeria

The ancestral greatsword Tīkos (meaing Wings in High Valyrian) from which the house takes its’ sigil from.

Among one of the last Valyrian steel swords to be forged before the Doom of Valyria. Stories passed down suggest that the Targaryens commissioned an ancestor of the house to make a blade for themselves when they decided to follow the Targaryens to Westeros.

The blade itself bares the mark of the house, a pair of wings at where the hilt meets the blade. The hollow center of the blade reflects the extreme skill of their time, decreasing the weight and increasing the flexibility of the metal. The finely crafted hilt has been decorated with aquamarine of varying sizes.

Much of the skills required to make a blade such as this one has been lost over the centuries, along with the magical knowledge which was key to forging blades of such high quality.

Tīkos is estimated to be 400 years old. Its beauty is only matched by its reputation in combat. It has been said that the sword once split an armored knight in half during the Blackfyre Rebellion.

However, Tīkos in the recent years has been more of a decoration for house Afallon than a weapon of war, as the house is not known for its martial or military powers. After the death of Lord Altamont during Robert’s Rebellion, Rickard Afallon returned the blade to Monmouth to the new Lord of Afallon, Mycroft. Tīkos can be found mounted above the hearth in Lord Mycroft’s solar.

Tīkos stands at 1.6 meters, (5’3") and weights 10lbs.

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