Mycroft's Steel Bows

weapon (ranged)

Mycroft’s metal bow collection was began in his childhood. Sickly as a child, Mycroft could not participate in martial training. Instead he spent his time with the maester, books and took on archery in his spare time. Mycroft’s lord father Altamont masterfully crafted a steel bow for him on his 10th name day to encourage him to become stronger.

The bow came disassembled within a box on Mycroft’s name day.

Surely enough, Mycroft was able to string and loose an arrow on the metal bow by his 12th name day.

Over the years, Mycroft had designed a collection of metal bows, which was then created by his father and brothers.

Mycroft’s current bow was among the last pieces crafted by Altamont Afallon. The bow was created with an alloy Altamont was experimenting with, the product was a masterpiece.

Mycroft's Steel Bows

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