Uric the Black

Quick, Stubborn and Cranky


Agility-4 Dodge +2, Quickness +2
Animal Handing-2
Athletics-4 Run +1
Endurance-4 -1 (Drawback)
Fighting-6 = Long Blades +3
Persuasion-3 Intimidate +2, Taunt +1
Warfare-3 Tactics +2

Long Blades 1
Leader of Men
Armor Mastery

Bastard Born
Cruel Insanity
Endurance Flaw
Nemesis (Creegan Layne)

Intrigue Defense-7
Combat Defense-9
Health-12 (9)
Bulk (0)

20 ss
Bastard Sword
Ring Mail
Courier’s Garb
Pouch full of foodstuffs
Fine Steel Dagger
Flask of Ale
Solider’s Tent
Stout (With Feed for 3 days)


Uric is the bastard son of a commander in the royal army of Westeros and a whore in King’s Port. His mother was murdered and raped one night when Uruic was just a boy- and he was kept in the whorehouse for a good man years after words, being abused and castigated by the women. One night, after being brutally beaten by the matron at the ripe age of 13 he simply snapped, grabbed a dagger and killed everyone and anyone he could in the brothel before slipping out before the guards came. However- he left marked and maimed for he was cut and clawed across his face. He escaped the city and headed north towards the wall to join the Nights watch. However living in the city his whole life so far left with a lack of survival skills to actually navigate himself northwards and survival the journey. He wandered around as a beggar for several weeks before stumbling upon the door of House Afallon. Altamont Afallon took in him after the boy pledged to him and over the years trained this boy to be a knight- A skilled fighter and defender of the house. He worked his way up through the Guards of the house, eventually arriving at Master of Arms. He never accepted any real title and never attempted to become a true knight- for in his heart he was always a bastard and never belonged to anything. He has always been a cold calculating man- wisdom falls him as well as grace and Charisma but over the years a few good soldiers have entered his social circle. He mourned greatly for the loss of Altamont for he was the closest thing to a father he ever had and with the loss of his past lord has grown even more crotchety with age. He has close ties with the Danbeyras family as well, helping train Meyon in combat. He hopes to withhold the standings of House Afallon and bring glory to his bastard home. Over the years, he has grown increasing more violent and volatile; caring less of his health and well being. While skilled with a bastard sword he is frail in his elder age, but still very agile.

Uric holds the Vlayrian steel bastard sword Betrayal as a badge of office as the Afallon’s Master at arms.

Uric the Black

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