Nojh Danbeyras

Resident scholar and cripple of House Afallon. Perhaps the last scion of his own House Danbeyras.


1 Agility
2 Animal Handling
1 Athletics
4 Awareness
5 Cunning (Memory 2)
4 Deception
2 Endurance (Frail -1D)
2 Fighting
4 Healing (Diagnosis 1 and Treat Injury 2)
3 Language (Common Language)
3 Knowledge (Education 1 and Research 2)
2 Marksmanship
3 Persuasion (Bargain and Convince 1+1D, Re-roll all 6s, -1D to opponents Convince, Intimidate and Seduction)
4 Status (Stewardship 2)
2 Stealth (Obvious -1)
3 Survival
2 Thievery
2 Warfare
5 Will (Coordinate 2, Dedication 1)

Benefits: Dutiful, Head for Numbers and Expertise (Convince).
Drawbacks: Maimed, Crippled (Missing a leg), Flaws (Frail and Obvious).

Intrigue Defence: 13, Composure: 15
Combat Defence: 6, Health: 6

Superior Light Crossbow, 2D+1, 2 Damage (Long Range, Lesser Reload, Slow)

Person: 30ss, Maester’s Garb, belt pouch, maester’s kit (basic), Myrish Lens.

Storage: (2gd from Fayrja), 103ss, (100ss from Meyon), Superior Light Crossbow, Superior Dagger, backpack, 6 candles, vial of black ink, lamp, pint of oil, iron stakes, ring barding, 28 days of stabling and feed, Courser.


The younger brother to Meyon’s grandfather, Nojh had a great deal of promise both mentally and physically until a terrible accident robbed him of his left leg. Deeming him now useless to House Danbeyras, Meyon’s great grandfather Dargeth pondered on whether he should make his now maimed son take the black or simply kill him out of “mercy”. Though Nojh’s brother and Meyon’s grandfather Jent begged Dargeth to let Nojh live and stay with them, Dargeth was still planning out a way to kill Nojh in an “accident” when Mycroft’s father Altamont visited the estate with his father Steffon. A dear friend to Nojh, Altamont refused to be kept away and so, slipping past guards, Altamont was able to steal into Nojh’s room and discover the state his dear friend was in. Finding out about the terrible fate that was meant to befall the newly crippled youth, Altamont spoke with his father and asked him to speak with Dargeth on Nojh’s behalf. The argument went on deep into the night, but finally Dargeth agreed to let Nojh live and remain when Steffon offered to pay for Nojh to go and study at the Citadel. Prompted to this discovery by his son, Steffon saw the very sharp mind that Nojh still possessed despite the accident that had befallen him. Thrilled and infinitely grateful, Nojh worked harder than most students have or ever will, but was recalled to Afallon lands before he finished his chain. This was done mostly for financial and political reasons, so that his training and education be masterful while no cost would have to be paid to hire him as an official maester, nor would things change for him politically. Nigh on 40 years later, Nojh oversees his house upon the death of his nephew and the choice of his beloved great-nephew. Though grieving the death of Altamont, Nojh sees great potential and worth in the son of his old friend and gives Mycroft his full support and access to his wisdom and insight. Making friends with the younger lord, and skillfully but slowly making his way about with a masterfully crafted steel cane, Nojh is ready to stand for House Afallon… so to speak.

Nojh Danbeyras

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