Mycroft Afallon

Lord of House Afallon

Ability Rating Speciality
Animal Handling 3
Athletics 2 Flaw: -1
Awareness 3 1B Empathy
Cunning 4 1B Logic
1B Memory
Deception 3 1B Bluff
Knowledge 3 1B Education
1B Streetwise
Marksmanship 3 1B Bow
Persuasion 4 1B Charm
Charismatic: +2 to result
Status 6 1B Stewardship
Will 4 1B Coordinate

The once sickly boy, had become lord of the House famed for their secrets of forging iron and steel into works of art.

Marrying a childhood friend Sybbyl Seryther at a very young age, Mycroft had begun to grow out of his illness and take larger duties in his household. Unfortunately, as steward of the House while his father went out warring, Mycroft had discovered that the coffers were practically empty and the house was also in debt. Completely changing the structure of House Afallon, Mycroft begun working tirelessly to improve the power and wealth of House Afallon. The house flourished and the holdings of house Afallon rivaled Nunn’s Deep, but the smallfolk had less support and crime increased.

The death of Lord Altamont, took Mycroft hard, but he continued to work on improving Monmouth. Ignoring his family, Mycroft then lost his daughter Emlin and became a broken man. His wife Sybbyl had died shortly afterwards and the House had begun to stagnate as Mycroft was deep in depression. His sons had connected better with the Steeles and their uncle Rickard.

A few year afterwards, Mycroft had adopted a mysterious ward, Aelyn. A mysterious and sullen beauty who Mycroft had cared for as his own child. Mycroft had also begun creating better relations with many other houses and exchanged wards with House Seryther.

Mycroft Afallon

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