Meyon Danbeyras

An anointed knight of House Afallon caught in turmoil between his duty and his morality.


28 year old male.

3 Agility
2 Animal Handling (Ride 1B)
4 Athletics
3 Awareness (Notice 1B)
2 Cunning
2 Deception (reroll 6s)
3 Endurance
5 Fighting (Long Blades 2B, Short Blade 1B)
2 Healing
3 Language (common tongue)
2 Knowledge
3 Markmanship (Thrown 1B+1D)
2 Persuasion
4 Status (2)(5 CD and ID per round per day)
2 Stealth (-1D)
2 Survival (Hunt 1B+1D)
2 Thievery
3 Warfare
3 Will (Courage 1B)

Benefits: Anointed, Sponsored, Armour Mastery, Improved Armour Mastery, Expertise (thrown)
Drawbacks: Disturbing Habit (Hallucinates), Flaws (Obvious and Unsubtle) and Honour-Bound.

Intrigue: Defence 9, Composure 9.
Combat: Defence 12, Health 9.

Equipment: Superior Longsword, Superior Javelin, Tower Shield, Superior Stiletto, Brigandine, Destrier

Person: Flint and Steel, Lamp, Rope, Whetstone, Waterskin, Torch, backpack, trained hunting dog (+1D Hunt), Superior Longsword, Superior Javelin, Tower Shield, Brigandine, Destrier, saddle, saddlebag (2), 28 days of stabling and feed, 30ss (100ss with Fayrja, 100ss with Nojh), 176cp.

Wagon: Soldier’s Tent, Flute, Courtier’s Garb (decorative armour), whetstone, Torches (4), 2 pounds of tea, 5 loaves of bread, 2 dozen eggs, pint of oil, sled.

Destrier stats: Agility 3 (Quickness 1B), Athletics 5 (Jump 2B, Run 2B, Strength 2B), Awareness 3 (Notice 3B), Cunning 1, Endurance 5 (Resilience 2B, Stamina 4B), Fighting 3, Will 4, all others 0; Combat Defence 11, Armor Rating 0, Armor Penalty 0, Health 15, Movement 6; Bite: 3D, 4 Damage, Hooves: 3D, 6 Damage, Powerful.


Born of nobility in House Afallon, Meyon lost his father at a young age and felt that he was unable to properly conduct his family affairs until he had proven himself. Leaving the stewardship of such matters to his mother and great-uncle, he decided to forge himself in the fires of combat. He found that he was quite skilled in such matters and served with distinction against hill tribe attacks as well as minor skirmishes with other houses. Finding favour and friendship in House Afallon’s master of arms, Uric the Black, as well as with Lord Mycroft, he rose in distinction and prowess until he was anointed, serving as Uric’s right hand and Mycroft’s bodyguard. Looking at the world around him from this exalted place now, he feels some element of turmoil, believing that while his duty is of utmost importance, many of the actions of House Lannister (which he owes indirect loyalty to) have been very ignoble and savage.

Born to the vassal house of Danbeyras, Meyon’s childhood had a rich and full beginning. But, at the age of ten, his father died of an illness and it seemed like the young boy would have to take on the mantle of leadership. He did not think he was worthy of such an honour though and so gave stewardship over to his great-uncle Nojh and focused on martial pursuits. Alaya, his mother, disapproved of this, but decided to honour his decision, though as his efforts become both more impressive and destructive she made him go and practice in the nearby forest rather than within the grounds of their estate. One bright summer day, at the age of 16, while practicing with his sword and javelin, Meyon heard the sounds of battle nearby and rushed towards it. Peering from some bushes, he saw a large and grizzled man wearing the colours of House Afallon fighting against 4 smaller, bedraggled men. On the ground lay 3 bodies, all of House Afallon, all felled by arrows, leaving the last man alone and outnumbered. As one of the 4 attackers leapt forth to try and kill the man, Meyon rushed forward, roaring at the top of his lungs and hurled his javelin. Straight and true it flew, right into the chest of the assailant with a thud and a spurt of blood, leaving him very dead. The large man then used the distraction to fight two of the others. A red haze had filled Meyon’s vision as the man he javelined, the first man he had ever killed, lay dead and with bloodlust and well-practiced skill he cut down the 4th attacker while the grizzled soldier killed the other two. After this, Meyon found out to his great surprised that he had just saved the life of Uric the Black, Master of Arms for House Afallon. Kneeling to the ground, Meyon attempted to pay his respects, though this only served to get him a swift boot and a dry chuckle from Uric, who hated ceremony but appreciated the gesture. Seeing potential in the boy, the Master took Meyon to a nearby tavern, making sure word was taken back to his mother. Footing the bill, Uric challenged Meyon to a drinking contest and was impressed that the spirits had actually began to effect him before Meyon passed out. After sleeping for what felt like forever, Meyon was presented to Lord Mycroft and was made Uric’s squire. Rising in ability and prestige, Meyon was in due time anointed as a knight. Though almost equals, Meyon still calls Uric his mentor and “old man” while Uric still calls him “boy”.

Meyon Danbeyras

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