Lilith "Lily" Summers

Sexy, Snarky, Sneaky


Agility 2
Animal Handling 3
Athletics 2
Awareness 3
Cunning 3
Deception 4 +2 Bluff
Endurance 2
Fighting 2
Healing 2
Language 3 +1 Valyrian
Knowledge 3
Marksmanship 2
Persuasion 4 +2 Charm, +2 Seduce
Status 4 +1 Reputation
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Thievery 2
Warfare 2
Will 4

Blood of Valyria
Adept Negotiator

Poor Health

Intrigue Defense- 10
Composure- 12
Health-6 (4)
Combat Defense-7

4 gold Dragons 45 Silver Stags
Carries: Noble’s Garb (1 gold dragon cost- very, very, fine)
A long black velt cape, trimmed with fine furs, with a tastefully cut to match. Her cape has long flowing arms to keep her warm on her long sea voyages. She is covered with fine jewelry, and wears a metal rose in her hair- made of fine steel, gold and silver.
One Stiletto
A pouch with some foodstuffs.
A very special pouch filled with personal items.
Palfrey (with feed for 3 days)
Tent, Pavilion


Lilith Summers is a rare individual for her veins are full of Valyrian blood. A distant branch of the family tree, Lily was raised in a moderate estate in Kings Landing and enjoyed her time there. Her life was rather boring, but full of schooling for her to become a proper lady. After the fall of House Valyria, her parents were lost to her- she simply came home one day and they were gone during the rebellion. She does not know if they were killed, or if they simply fled but she was abandoned as a young lady. She was sent to Essos where she could remain safe for a time. She married a noble and wealthy member of a mining guild, who ‘tragically’ died and she took over his estate. She sailed to Westeros, under the guises of a member of a mining guild, coming to survey Westeros mining and smiting techniques arriving at House Afallon during a period of turmoil, perhaps slipping under the radar of some of the more intuitive members of the Lord’s court. She is very polite, demanding and very haughty in nature. She can be very sweet when she needs to be and very seductive- being able to attractive to men and some women. She enjoys her feasting and being around royalty and enjoying the company of rich, powerful men. Through perhaps her own perception, or maybe a few weak minded men in Westeros she has a chance to cross paths with a very powerful and noble man. Revenge however, is always on her mind and she wishes to install her family back into power one day…
During her recent travels she has become ill, perhaps just a common cough or maybe something deadlier…
Her recent arrival at first was met with hostility, but after a week she has meet most of the most important member of the court and has tried to cozy up with them the best she could. Perhaps they suspect her as someone evil and foreboding but in the mean time she seems to be a useful, rich, attractive women.

Lilith "Lily" Summers

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