Jairhen Nezamin

With pure martial focus and a joyful and boisterous spirit, Jairhen inspires both great confidence and fear in battle.


25 y/o male

Agility 3 (Flawed)
Animal Handling 3
Athletics 4 (Run 2, Strength 2)
Awareness 3 (Notice 1)
Cunning 2
Deception 2
Endurance 4
Fighting 5 (Axes 2)
Healing 2
Language 2
Knowledge 2
Marksmanship 3 (Bows 1)
Persuasion 2
Status 3
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Thievery 2
Warfare 2
Will 3

Benefits: Berserker, Fast, Axe Fighter I
Drawbacks: Flaw (Clumsy), Furious

Intrigue Defence 8, Composure 9
Combat Defence 7, Health 12

Superior Longaxe: 5D+2B+1 (-1D within 3 yards), Damage: 7+2 (Bulk 1, Powerful, Reach, Two-Handed, Vicious)
Superior Double-Curved Bow: 3D+1B+1, Damage 4+2 (Long Range, Powerful Two-Handed)

Brigandine: Armor Rating 8, Armor Penalty -4, Bulk 3

1 Destiny Point remains.

Person: (2gd with Anika), 38ss, 156cp, flint and steel, iron stakes, waterskin, whetstone, rope, torch, 38 days of stabling and feed, backpack, Brigandine, Superior long-axe, superior double-curved bow, Rounsey, pair of saddlebags, superior dagger.

Wagon: 5 loaves of bread, one dozen eggs, torches (2), soldier’s tent, basic courtier’s garb,


Born first child and only son of the youngest son of Barados of House Nezamin, Jairhen was showered with great amounts of love but also even greater amounts of expectations. Having not been able to impress his own parents, Jairhen’s father Cameron was almost woefully committed to making his son into a legend. And even though things between father and son strained and strained to near breaking, the intense training paid off. While most youths were mastering swords and lances, indeed good weapons, Jairhen obtained mastery of the Longaxe, and few could stand before him in combat. As part of the unification between House Nezamin and House Danbeyras, Jairhen was often subtly encouraged to spar, hunt and play with the slightly older Meyon. The two boys bonded well, though both would frustrate each other from time to time, primarily because Meyon was one of the few able to outfight Jairhen and because Jairhen could almost always outdrink and outrun Meyon.

But these differences led to healthy rivalries and a strong friendship formed between the two, with brotherhood and camaraderie being forged out of their legal relationship as cousins. When Meyon became an Anointed Knight, Jairhen decided to commit himself to the defence of Afallon, rather than going off to gain glory as he once planned to. Since then, the two stand together confidently on the field of battle, knowing how each other fights, from strengths and strategies, to flaws and weaknesses. Uric the Black appreciates Jairhen’s martial prowess as well, though the Master at Arms shows much more affection for Meyon than he shows for the “Blade of Nezamin” as Jairhen is called by some. Though Jairhen has a better relationship with his uncle Clement than his cousin Anika does, he cannot even approach the level of connection that his cousin Arabella has with their fathers’ mutual brother. As for his relationship with his cousins, Arabella and Jairhen share a camaraderie borne from fighting alongside each other, but the two sadly cannot find much common ground to connect over. As for Anika, his elder cousin, Jairhen rarely ever speaks to her, not because of any issues between them, but merely because Jairhen despises most of the workings of the court. Though he has a great deal of strength and martial prowess, this is coupled with a rage that is difficult to restrain. While this lends speed and strength to his ability in combat but also makes it hard for him to persuade others to think has he does.

Jairhen Nezamin

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