Isaac Seryther


3Animal Handlng3Marksmanship1B Crossbow
3Athletics2B Run3Persuasion
3AwarenessPassive Awareness 124Status
3Cunning2StealthPassive Stealth 8
3EndurancePassive Endurance 122Thievery
4Fighting2B Longsword3Warfare
2Healing3Will1B Courage


5 basic background points
1. curly blond hair, blue eyes, tall but lanky, mischievous smile, usually sweet-natured, but has his “I’m trying to be a rebel” moments. 15 years old.
2. Second son of Lord Seryther, but second to youngest child (has a brother and 3 sisters older than him). Was coddled by his mother, and didn’t seem very tough as child. His father disapproved of his “softness” and sent him away as a fosterling in his friend Lord Afallon’s house for weapon training, etc because Afallon has sons around the same age as Isaac. He was bullied and abused by his father, which compounded his mousy fearfulness as a child. Away from his father, though, Isaac has blossomed and grown into a capable fighter and would probably soon be knighted
3. Though he was sent off when he was about 9, Isaac is from a castle near Highgarden, and idolizes Ser Loras, who is only a few years older than him. He aspires to be as successful at tourneys as Loras
4. Very green and naive, Isaac still holds a romantic idea of war and battle, and fantasizes about his future glories if he were ever to go to war. He’s never seen a hard winter, or the devastation and emotional trauma of war, and only heard songs and stories about it.

2 Goals
1. His one greatest goal is probably to be remembered as a legendary knight

2 Secrets
1. He still, and probably always will, yearn for his father’s approval and pride. He feels like he’s been stuck in his brother’s shadow his whole life and fears their father will never care about him

3 People
1. Lord Afallon’s son is Isaac’s best friend. They’ve grown up together, trained together, and have always been friendly competitors
2. Lord Seryther is sort of an enemy. Before Isaac left home, his father hit him a lot, hurled verbal abuse at him daily, and made it clear how much he disapproved of his son

3 Memories/Mannerisms/Quirks

Isaac Seryther

Soaring Steel ashesnhale

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FastIntrigue Defense 10Combat Defense 5
Longblade Fighter IComposure 9Health 9
Armor Mastery