Hadrian Afallon


Hadrian is the firstborn son of Mycroft Afallon. Though he has the wits of his father, he does not enjoy intrigue and politics as his father does. Rather, he has taken on the traditional Afallon tradition of smithing under his uncle Sam Steele. What Hadrian his his lord father Mycroft shares is their love for archery, but that is where the similarities end. While Hadrian enjoys hunting with his bow and arrow, Mycroft does not hunt.

Hadiran has good knowledge of the land and forest. Over the years he has developed keen survival skills and knows how to live off the land and to harvest what it provides. Hadrian often hunts alone, only accompanied by his hawk, Silverwing.

With the death of Hadrian’s mother and his sister, his lord father had sent his younger brother off to the Reach, and Hadrian become distant from his father. For a while, Hadrian felt alone in the world, and frequently left Monmouth for fortnights at a time to hunt and sleep under the stars. His loneness was quelled when he befriended the fostering Isaac.

Finding many similarities between the two of them, Isaac and Hadrian had become the closest of friends in their loneness. The two of them had since grown up together as close as brothers sharing the same blood.

As the years progressed, his uncle Sam Steele filled the role of his father, and Hadrian has treated him as a second father, though he still longs for Lord Mycroft’s affection as Isaac does for his. The recent arrival of the mysterious Aelyn seems to have opened up his father, allowing for Hadrian and Mycroft to begin salvaging what little was left of their relationship.

Though Hadrian and Aelyn were the same age, he treats her as a sister of flesh and blood, taken by her magnetic personalty once she was no longer shy. They often go out on hunts and spar in the yard with Isaac.

Hadrian and his hawk, Silverwing.

Hadrian Afallon

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