Fayrja Danberyas

Sister to Nojh and Great-aunt to Meyon, bitter in terms of the world but true to her duty.


3 Agility
2 Animal Handling
2 Athletics
4 Awareness (Empathy 2B)
3 Cunning
4 Deception (Bluff 1B)
2 Endurance
2 Fighting
2 Healing
3 Language (Common, Literacy 1B)
2 Knowledge
3 Marksmanship
4 Persuasion (Bargain, Charm and Convince 2B)
4 Status (Breeding 2B, Flawed)
2 Stealth
2 Survival
2 Thievery
2 Warfare
5 Will (Dedication 3B)

Benefits: Stubborn, Dutiful and Expertise (Convince)
Drawbacks: Bound to the Bottle, Flaw (Wretched)

Intrigue Defence: 11, Composure: 18
Combat Defence: 11, Health: 6

Superior Medium Crossbow: 3D+1, 4 Damage (Piercing 1)
Superior Dagger: 2D+1, 1 Damage (Defensive 1, Off-hand +1)
Superior Small Sword: 2D
1, 1 Damage (Fast)

Robes (Bulk 1), Shield. Armour Rating 1, Armour Penalty 0.

Person: 1gd (2gd with Nojh), 50ss, 156cp, Robes, Flask full of the finest ale, belt pouch, godsworn’s vestments.

Storage: Superior Medium Crossbow, Shield, Superior Small Sword, Superior Dagger, 5 loaves of bread, 2 dozen eggs, one pound of tea, unlimited alcohol, flasks, wineskins and barrels, a veritable collection, 1gd, 157ss (100ss from Meyon).


Born about half a dozen years later than her older brother Nojh, Fayrja also knew a close to idyllic childhood. That is until the age of 15 when one fateful day she was taken and raped by a young rogue that she had let herself get too close to. In a rage, her father Dargeth had the boy killed and then a tense few months passed as all waited to see if Fayrja would fall for a baby. When it became clear she wouldn’t, Fayrja and those close to her thought that would be the end of a very tragic, but recoverable, event. However her father would not be so kind. In his overzealous and selfish thinking, Dargeth determined that no self-respecting young noble would want his daughter for a bride now that she had been “corrupted”.

Just as he had planned to do to Nojh a few years before, Dargeth planned out a way to “respectfully” end his daughter. Much more authoritative than before, a true man by now, Jent, Fayrja’s eldest brother and Dargeth’s heir, confronted his father and said he would disown himself from House Danbeyras if a solution was not found to preserve Fayrja’s life. Though filled with rage at being foiled, Dargeth acquiesced and began to search for a method to non-lethally be rid of his daughter.

A solution came forth through a connection made with Dargeth’s uncle in-law, Marthas. Marthas had friends within the Faith of the Seven and could make a way for Fayrja to become a septa despite her past, so long as she could become fully committed and prove herself. Though the young woman was loathe to throw away so much of her potential in life, she far preferred this over the death that would hang over her otherwise. Accepting the proposal, she was made to look like a man and then placed within a caravan headed to King’s Landing where she would secretly be integrated into the Faith and returned once trained.

The journey was treacherous and Fayrja made much use out of the weapons given to her, especially her crossbow which she became decently skilled with. Though she survived the journey, her reception into the Faith was far from warm and her training very difficult, with little comfort or help offered to her. She worked hard though, out of fear of death true, but also out of gratitude to Jent and empathy towards Nojh as she imagined he struggled equally at the Citadel. Returning to Monmouth decades later, Fayrja has become trained and wise to the ways of the world, perhaps a bit too wise. Bitterness is ever her companion, and she trusts few women and even fewer men. The bottle is one of her closest friends now, but her mind stays sharp, her body spry and the force of her spirit has been made solid and powerful from this life of hardship.

Fayrja Danberyas

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