Creegan Layne

Captain of the Afallon Cavlary


A medium build with an unsightly face.
With strong charisma and eager to please those of a higher station unless he feels them unfit for that position.

Despite this, he is very tough on his men, but still commands the loyalty of the elite force of 100 Riders in the Afallon Cavalry. Making sure they are all up to standards, anyone deemed unfit to serve is usually replaced immediately.


Ser Creegan Layne was the sole owner of the stables in Danbeyras’ lands.

Born second into the house of a landed knight of Danbeyras, Creegan was raised educated and refined. Knighted at a young age, Creegan has served house Danbeyras loyally. Creegan gave his prime years to house Danbeyras working his way up the ranks with distinction.

With the Afallons’ becoming the protectorate of the Danbeyras, Creegan integrated into the Afallons’ army becoming a beloved leader, and again climbing the ranks within the Afallon army. Mycroft Afallon took notice of Creegan and in a meeting convinced Mycroft to invest and to let him develop a Cavalry which would be more effective in the plains surrounding Monmouth. In several years, the Afallon Cavalry became the pride of Mycroft’s military force. Bandits were known to scurry for the hills once they heard the mighty hoofbeats.

Despite all his success, any hopes of continued advancement onto Master at Arms was obstructed by Uric the Black, whom Creegan considers lowborn, had taken the position due to his relationship with the previous lord, Altamont, and the late lord’s favor for combat prowess over all else. Though Robert respects Uric’s powers in combat, Robert had been groomed to command and lead men in battle. This causes him to frequently challenge Uric’s leadership indirectly.

Creegan Layne

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