Clement Nezamin

Uncle to Arabella, Anika and Jairhen, though his troubled soul only loves one of them.


49 y/o male

Agility 2 (Flawed (Clumsy))
Animal Training 3 (Train 1B)
Athletics 5 (Run 4B)
Awareness 4 (Notice 1B, Haunted -1D)
Cunning 2
Deception 2
Endurance 4 (Stamina 1B)
Fighting 5 (Bludgeons 3B, Animal Cohort +1D)
Healing 2
Language 2
Knowledge 2
Marksmanship 2
Persuasion 2
Status 2
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Thievery 2
Warfare 2
Will 3

Benefits: Animal Cohort (Shadowcat: Agility 4 (Balance 2B, Dodge 1B, Quickness 2B); Athletics 4 (Climb 2B, Jump 2B, Run 2B, Strength 1B, Swim 1B); Awareness 5 (Notice 2B); Cunning 1; Endurance 3 (Stamina 1B); Fighting 4; Stealth 5 (Sneak 1B); Survival 4 (Hunt 1B, Track 1B); 0 in all others. Combat Defence 13, Armor Rating 0, Armor Penalty 0, Health 9, Movement 8. Bite: 4D, 4 Damage, Vicious; Claws: 4D, 5 Damage, Powerful. Leaping Charge: Bite and Claws in one attack; Sneaky: +1 D on stealth tests at night), Bludgeon Fighter I and II.

Drawbacks: Clumsy and Haunted.

Intrigue Defence: 8, Composure 9.

Combat Defence: 7, Health 12.

Superior Quarterstaff: 5D+3B+1, 5 Damage (Reach 2, Fast, Two-handed, Shattering 1)
Superior Sling: 2D, 4 Damage (Long Range)

Brigandine: 8 Armor Rating, -4 Armor Penalty, 3 Bulk.


Second eldest son of House Nezarim, Clement was always just “fine”, “competent” or “acceptable” to his well-meaning but ultimately foolish parents. While such words represented a much better reputation than that of many other younger children, it was never good enough for him, especially considering how hard he worked. These appraisals all amounting to a mere state of being “adequate” also forced Clement to come to view his elder brother Cristof, who was always praised highly by their parents, with both a view of rivalry, which was healthy, and of near murderous rage, which… was not so healthy. Stern discipline as well as a decent amount of affection and love from his brother made rival kept Clement from ever exerting his rage and instead it caused him to improve himself. An accomplished fighter and athlete, Clement could always outrun most men his age and everyone on the sparring field feared going against him when he wielded the quarterstaff, which turned deadly in his hands. Things began to worsen though when both Clement and his brother Cristof gazed upon Aranaya Danbeyras, both of their hearts being stolen away by her beauty, grace and kindness. A great competition of sorts began, with feats, acts and failures worthy of song being carried out by the two brothers for both Aranaya herself as well as her parents.

In the end, Barados, the father of the two, intervened and officially requested that the Danbeyras’ select one of the brothers for Aranaya’s hand. Though Aranaya’s father Jent did indeed appreciate Clement’s martial prowess, Cristof was also capable and was a much better statesman. This led to Cristof once again “outdoing” Clement, receiving Aranaya’s hand in marriage. Though Clement greatly resented what had happened, Cristof soothed his brother sincerely, offering sympathy and being respectful as opposed to boasting and being overbearing. He also permitted Clement to maintain the friendship he had built with Aranaya, which both parties greatly appreciated. In the second year of the marriage, Aranaya gave birth to her first child, a girl named Arianna. Though Clement was a fair uncle to the babe, he couldn’t shake the feeling that the face that came to so well resemble the face of his brother had been sent by the Gods to mock him. This was not at all the case with Aranaya’s second child however.

The younger girl, Arabella, grew to look like the mirror image of her mother, and Clement came to truly and greatly adore her. Nearly a dozen years of peace and pleasure passed as Afallon lands grew more wealthy and stable while the Nezarim and the Danbeyras grew closer together. This time of quiet was disrupted for Clement, however, when in Arabella’s 7th year of being as he stalked a fine looking hind, he encountered a pack of wolves attacking a shadowcat mother defending its newly borne kittens. For some strange reason he felt compelled to intervene, and drove the already weakened wolves away, but not before they slew most of the new litter and mortally injured the mother. Clement put the poor creature out of her misery and did the same for all but one of the shadowkittens, which had escaped the attack unscathed. He adopted the creature, naming it Ara in tribute to the woman he had never ceased to truly love. Though most were charmed or fascinated by the creature, especially since it became tame, warm and disciplined under Clement’s training and care, Cristof resented the creature, though the reason never became apparent. In fact, Cristof began to sour overall as the years passed, never acting poorly or truly harshly, but losing the warmth, confidence and charm he had once had.

Fate truly ceased to be kind in Arabella’s 11th year of life when Aranaya became deathly ill and passed away in the course of a week. Clement was seized with nearly overwhelming grief, having never overcome his love for the woman he had sought as his wife. Cristof grieved too, but seemed almost uncaring compared to his lovesick brother. Aranaya was buried with full honours and Clement began to pour all of his love and affection into Arabella, the solid foundation of pure familial love thankfully preventing any impure thoughts or actions occurring. Clement sought also to comfort and aid his brother, but his once kind and stable older sibling continued to act in the new and abrasive manner he had adopted. A little over a month after, Cristof asked Clement to join him on a hunting trip. The two brothers set out, with only their horses and Ara, who simply refused to leave Clement’s side, accompanying them.

A buck was spotted, stalked expertly and finally Clement gave the killing shot to his brother, out of respect for his loss. Though all of the conditions were perfect, Cristof missed completely and the fine animal was alerted and escaped. Cristof then began to rage for no apparent reason, cursing the elements, the Gods, the animals and even Clement himself. Clement sought to calm his sibling, but this only caused the tirade to worsen and then Cristof went too far and spoke poorly towards Ara. The great feline prepared to strike but was held back by her master, though Clement himself asked for an apology, if not for Ara then at least for Aranaya’s memory. Cristof then said that the memory of Aranaya left a foul stench in his nose and a bitter taste in his mouth. He said that the thought of her made him sick. He said… nothing more. For even as Cristof spoke his foul words Clement struck him across the head, making his brother dead to the world, and then commanded Ara to slay him. Alterations were made, a wolf was slain and brought to the scene and a hunting accident came into being. The perfect accident to befall a blasphemer like that bastard Cristof, at least so thought Clement.

Past effort and present times brought Arabella to come under Clement’s care, and he has loved her dearly, deeply and unconditionally ever since. But he will never forget what happened in the forest, and though he hopes against hope, someone else may have seen what he did that day.

Clement Nezamin

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