Bryce Steele

A True Knight of Westeros


Bryce Steele had always wanted to become a knight, as with all boys living in Westeros. By the time he was 8, he had been sent off to Highgarden to become squire. It has been known that he served and trained under Randyll Tarly for a few years, before his 16th name day when Bryce was knighted. On the occasion, his father had traveled down to Highgarden to present him with a full set of armor befitting a lord, along with an elegant longsword on the day of his knighting. Bryce had become a sworn sword of house Tyrell almost immediately after his knighting.

Bryce’s longsword, Steele.

Bryce had been quite successful in the frequent tourneys within the Reach, earning both reputation and gold. Bryce recently left the service of the Tyrells in good terms, returning to Monmouth. Bryce needed to reconnect with the Steeles who were now strangers to him after being away for almost a decade.

At 19, Bryce looks forward to achieving great things.

Bryce Steele

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