Arabella Nezamin

Quick and nimble, ready to fire.


Female of 20 and 1 years.

4 Agility (Quickness 1B, Acrobatics 2B (Acrobatic Defence))
2 Animal Handling
3 Athletics
4 Awareness (Notice 2B)
2 Cunning
2 Deception
3 Endurance
2 Fighting (Short Blades 1B)
2 Healing
2 Language
2 Knowledge
5 Marksmanship (Bows 3B (Double Shot))
2 Persuasion
3 Status
3 Stealth
3 Survival (Hunt 1B)
2 Thievery
2 Warfare
3 Will (Flawed (Brash))

Benefits: Double Shot, Acrobatic Defence, Cohort (Clement Nezamin)

Drawbacks: Flaw (Brash), Naive

Intrigue Defence: 8, Composure: 9

Combat Defence: 11+4, Health: 9

Superior Dagger: 3D+1B+1, 2 Damage (Defensive 1, Off-hand +1);
Superior Longbow: 5D
3B+1, 6 Damage (Long Range, Piercing 1,
Two-Handed, Unwieldy);
Soft Leather: 2 Armor Rating, -1 Armor Penalty, 0 Bulk.

Person: (1gd with Anika), 30ss (163ss are with Anika), 156cp, backpack, far-eyes, rope, pouch, waterskin, torch, flint and steel, courser, 28 days of stabling and feed, saddlebags (2).

Wagon: Torches (6), Flint and steel (2), basic courtier’s garb.


While the Nezamin were once merely a successful merchant house, the family was set on the path of elevation to minor nobility when Cristof and Clement – the two eldest sons of the House’s current patriarch Barados – gained interest in and then pursued Lady Aranaya of House Danberyas.

Cristof, the elder, handsomer and shrewder of the two brothers, finally won the competition and the Lady’s hand in marriage, creating a bond between the two houses. This bond for a time provided much needed funds to the Danbeyras as well as added a hint of nobility to the ignoble, though indeed rich, Nezamin. The union provided two viable offspring, with Arabella as the second born, and her sister Anika as the first.

Arabella and Meyon Danbeyras have a strong bond since they spent a fair bit amount of time at the targeting range during her childhood. She also gets along quite well with her cousin Jairhen, though there is some contention between her and her friend’s mentor/superior Uric the Black. When misfortune struck, bandits attempted to kidnap them, though Afallon forces saved both her and her sister Anika from a fate worse than death. Since that encounter, Arabella has become a committed and loyal fighter to repay the debt of blood.

A fortnight after Arabella’s eleventh birthday, her mother died from terminal illness. About a month later, an unfortunate hunting accident occurred and her father was killed by wolves. The total destruction of the marital union caused a great deal of contention and sundering behind closed doors between the two houses of Nezamin and Danbeyras, though the public at large had little to no knowledge of any sort of change. On a personal level, Arabella and her sister Anika now needed to decide with whom they would live now that both of their parents had passed away. Offered the choice between her strong and martial-focused blood uncle Clement and her soft, gentle aunt-in law Lady Alaya, Arabella chose the prior, especially due to the great amount of love and attention her uncle had given her in the past. Treating her as a dear daughter, Clement seldom leaves her side, joining her as she carries out her duties as primary outrider for the cavalry of House Afallon. Though she was separated from her sister at an early age, Arabella is still very fond of her sister Anika and spends time with her whenever possible, despite the disapproval it brings from Clement. Her aim steady, her bow swift, and her uncle at her side, Arabella is ready and more than willing to destroy those that would harm the people and things she holds dear.

Arabella Nezamin

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