Alistar Arroway

The Maester


Alistar Arroway Maester of Malwyn House

Awareness 4: notice 2B

Will 3:

Knowledge 4: Education 2B, Research 2B

Animal handling 3

Healing 5: Diagnose 1B Treat Aliment 2B

Cunning 3:

Warfare 3:

Endurance 3:

Will Defense 9

Combat Defense 9

Leather hard
Dagger, Medium crossbow
backpack craftsmen tools, lamp,10 flasks,1 rope, 1 soldier tent, 3 scents, 4 sachets, a whetstone, water-skin, courser, maester garb, Penny royal mild 3, Penny royal strong 2, Dream-wine 3, parchments and ink Historical books of The Westerlands and Essos, Oil,

320 Silverstags left


Alistar’s life growing up was quite normal being on only child to a family of trader earned them enough coin to purchase expensive books as a hobby his mother before settling on trading goods was an avid reader and was fortunate in her education and abilities. His mother taught him of the outside world of Pentos and the free cities as places she heard from her tutors. Alistar fortunate to have such an advantage saw the need to create connections later in life and asked his parents to join the Maester Order. His desire to treat the ill and teach youthful minds like his fueled his advancements. Earning chains in tactics raven rearing and medical he had seen the horde of student attempt to find magical gifts within themselves he never saw the allure. He was gifted enough to be able to come to an order of thinkers bettering the lords and themselves within every castle of Westeros. He left the order to with his intellect and wisdom and pass it down to the lord of Afallon the great smith house. Alistar eager to impress went to work serving his new lord in his daily needs Alistar being within the castle for several months has begun to feel homesick. This uneasiness was a worry to him as his time at the order he had never felt this way before. Alistair does not understand what these feelings are he hopes they rescinded upon the first chance he gets to see his parent in the reach.

Alistar Arroway

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