Aelyn Mallarawan

Ability Rating Specialities
Agility 3
Animal Handling 3 Charm 1B
Awareness 3 Empathy 1B
Haunted -1
Cunning 4
Deception 3 Disguise 1B
Fighting 4 Fencing 1B
Haunted 2B (First Round)
Language - Quartheen 4
Common Tongue 4
High Valyrian 3
Braavosi 2
Knowledge 4
Persuasion 3 Charm 2B+2
Shy -1
Marked Re-roll 6 (Conditional)

Brought to Monmouth just over a year ago by Marwyn from Essos, Aelyn seems withdrawn to the Westrosi culture. Over a few months, Aelyn began to feel at home as Mycroft treated her as flesh and blood due to the recent lost of her daughter.

It is also known that Aelyn had lived in Braavos for a few years before arriving in Westeros.

Not much else has been revealed about her mysterious past and few ask of the origins of her strange appearance.

Naturally, her hair is silvery white, matching her white pale skin. Aelyn is usually seen with painted lips and eyes, giving her an exotic, eerie beauty.

Underneath, to those who are familiar with her, know of her true features. Her lips are blue, along with the edges of her eyes. Her nails are so blue they are nearly black.

It is common to see Aelyn practice from time to time in the yard with a black Braavosi blade in trousers, or riding in breeches and leather boots; though it is also not rare for her to be seen in satin and lace at Lord Mycroft’s table.

Aelyn is very shy with strangers, largely due to her strange appearance. She rarely strikes up a conversation with people she is not familiar with, but a magnetic and charismatic personality is revealed to those who get close to Aelyn.

Aelyn’s Braavosi blade, Nightshade

Crafted from a strange dark metal from Essos, when the blade is in the sunlight, it can be seen that the blade is in fact a dark blue that is nearly black. The design of the blade is a hybrid between a longsword and a Braavosi blade.

Aelyn’s companion, Ivory
 photo The_White_Raven_by_WhiteRaven90.jpg
After her visit to oldtown, a white raven followed her as she left with Marwyn. Aelyn named him Ivory for its white color, and it has been a faithful companion to her since.

Aelyn Mallarawan

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