Soaring Steel

With Quills and Ravens

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1. Mycroft gets Monmouth ready in preparation for Tywin’s arrival.
1a. A feast has been prepared, with a 7 course meal prepared by Loreen (Sarah and her cookbook)
1b. Hadrian and Aelyn has been sent out to hunt for the feast.
1c. Lodging has been established inside Escalate Hall for Tywin and part of his guards.
1d. 2 members of the calvary are sent out to meet with the noble delegation.

Bryce returns to Monmouth after the night to escort Mycroft out to the fringes on the 3rd day.

2. The outriding party stops at the fringe inn.
2b. The party rests up and eats a few full meals
2c. It rains.
2d. Ruffians looking for trouble enter the inn looking for trouble
2e. A bar fight ensues with the outriding party victorious
2f. Only one of the ruffians escape the capture of the party
2g. The party holds the captured men in the stables
2h. It rains some more
2i. A lordly looking man and who seems like his son stops at the inn.

If you have been assigned a task by Mycroft at Monmouth, or have taken notes during the meeting, please list them in the comments below.


Nojh Danbeyras: Educated the servants on proper conduct and service to liege lord Tywin and his delegation. Notes were taken during the meeting:

Lord Tywin is fond of fish, therefore the main course is fish for the 3 days. Salmon, trout (wrapped in bacon) and haddock. Loreen is in charge of food (haggling with Farmer Joe for wheat and barley; bread, salt and wine are priorities; two casks of the finest wine, red and white, are to prepared; there will be 3 meals a day. Nojh is in charge of servants, Hadrian will hunt, Alistar will decorate, manage rooms and control the populace. Of the expected delegation of 20, the 12 highest ranked will have personal rooms close to Tywin’s chamber while the remaining 8 will be roomed with our own guards.

Main table: Lord Mycroft, Tywin, Hadrian, Other lordly children, Tywin’s Guard Captain, Steele children, Loreen (9 total).

First table: Captain of the Guard

Second table: Uric

Third table: Meyon

With Quills and Ravens

Sleeping arrangements include for Tywin and his men are they will take the guest rooms Arroway will guide the men to their rooms

With Quills and Ravens

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