Soaring Steel

A Task for Every Tool

 photo SiegeBanner.jpg

1. Tywin arrives at Monmouth for his visit

1a. The feast
i. A delicate and full bodied spiced bread, toasted lightly drizzled with a fat and honey mixture, with some smoked fish (to put on top of the bread)
ii. A bacon and hearty vegetable pie, covered in a rich cream sauce
iii. Suckling pig and roasted apples and vegetables- carrots, turnips and other root vegetables
iv. A fish plate, with several different fishes all prepared different ways- smoked, roasted, broiled, fried
v. Venison Ribs, cooked to perfection with a cranberry sauce glaze
vi. A light and airy pie, with some lean chicken, roasted apples and some vegetables
vii. An assortment of sweet pies, tarts, cookies, and all manners of baked goods.

2. Lord Mycroft gathers the members of his household for a meeting
3. A task has been assigned for each individual, with groups going of to separate noble houses.

Deepen Hall

House Dulver

Mountain’s Reach

House Tullison

Monmouth Keep

House Afallon

Lord Mycroft

Ser Meyon

Maester Alistar

Squire Isaac


30 Afallon Horse


Ajax (missing)

Arabella (missing)


Jairhen (missing)

Ser Bryce


Ser Creegan

Uric the Black


4. A dead stable boy, not known by anyone at Monmouth was found.
5. A cavalryman returns with the news of the attack at Homehearth, where injured Afallon men and women stayed. 30 Calvary was sent out to investigate.



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